A view from the Balkans.

Crossing mountains between coasts, rivers between seas, cafes through markets, abandoned villages around the cities.
Tasting smiles with Mekitsa, pain and Cevapi, the hope in Banitsa, history and Shopska, the traditions in Goulash, poverty and Burke.
Unravel alphabets, words, and sounds that disagree but connect, that love and dread, that defines communities.
Discovering wars fought in recent years, tragedies between blood siblings. Stories from young and elder that don’t forget. 
For understanding that the distance between towns doesn’t hide realities, differentiate languages, nor suppress difficulties. That my distance from the Balkans interiorizes their sorrows as ours.

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  1. Dr Gato escalada dice:

    Muy buenas fotos, dan ganas de viajar

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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